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Have you ever tried to quit smoking but unsuccessfully? You wanted to play sports regularly, but still could not find enough motivation? Sometimes no matter how much we want to achieve something, we’re unable to stick to what we’ve set. And the barrier here is likely not the lack of strong will, but the way we set ourselves goals. In this article, you will learn how to establish your goals so they’re easy and enjoyable to realize. The technique I will be discussing is setting short-term goals. A technique that can be underestimated.

It’s swimming somewhere, drifting across the ocean, but the destination is unknown.

You construct your”another-self”
Research by neuropsychologists has confirmed that when we set ourselves a goal to achieve, we act as if it were already part of us. The brain cannot fully distinguish between what we have and what we want to get, and it considers that the desired effect is currently a part of ourselves. For instance, if we don’t accomplish our aim, we feel pain like we have lost something.

When you’ve got a goal with a time limit, the chances of achieving it drastically rise. A short-term goal may be the first step of a journey that contributes to a larger one. By way of instance, if you want to go work remotely and traveling around the world, it would be a good idea to learn about methods of making money on the internet, digital nomading or beginning studying a new language. The fact isthat sometimes your short-term goals, although unrelated to the main one, can still contribute to your success. For instance, learning how to save money to buy a new PC can help you later on when you will, for example, move out and live on your own abroad.

They are easy
Of course, you need to exert yourself and push yourself to the limit but remain realistic. The issue with ambitious goals is that they are usually overwhelming and sometimes even daunting. You have to be able to answer at least these two questions:

How can I accomplish this goal?
It’s rather hard to answer this questions when our goals are like”I need to become a boss of the largest marketing company in my country”. However, is much easier in goal like”I wish to send daily 10 cold emails more during next week to increase my earnings”.

Set them as many as possible
Short-term goals are easy to track and to attain. That’s why they are very satisfied and can reshape your life. Take a look at the following aims and set your own:

Take a language lesson
Buy a new publication that explains the topic you are interested in
Buy a gym membership
Purchase a workout outfit
Read one page of a book daily
Show up to work on time
I want to write this essay by next Wednesday.
Today, from 16.00 to 18.00, I will rework Chapter X an accounting guide for a preparation for the exam
As you can see it’s very straightforward. Know your limitations but drive yourself also further. In short time you’ll feel a great satisfaction of adding countless of bricks which will build your future.

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