Reasons Why Owning A Pet Could Make You Live Longer

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You might have discovered that pets have been clinically proven to improve your chances of living to a ripe old age. Well the rumour is true, but how exactly is it possible you might be wondering.

Well, it’s said that pets are able to penetrate our outer exterior and really connect with us on a deep level where humans are unable. When you look at the facts closely it is hard to argue with.

The first reason owning a pet could make you live longer, is that they offer you unconditional love without you needing to ask for it. In fact, this unconditional love is available to you at any given moment, twenty-four hours a day. Next time you’re with your pet, be aware of its expressions and you’ll see it is full of nothing but love for you.

You do not need to put up facades or pretend to be someone that you are not. Regardless of what you do, you will always have the approval of your pets. Having the freedom to be yourself eliminates the stress that you may be subjecting yourself on a daily basis whilst out in the real world.

The third explanation is that pets provide companionship. You can come home from work to an empty house and that is exactly how it will feel – empty. But with a pet there to greet you, you have a friend by your side as you kick off your shoes and settle in for a quiet night together.

The fourth reason is they stimulate you physically, especially dogs. You understand that if you do not take them for a walk, then chances are they go without. So you get out in the fresh air, breath deeply and move those joints and muscles as you enjoy the scenery together. There’s nothing like a brisk thirty minute walk to wake your body up.

And lastly they also offer you the chance to share your love and affection. A pet demands this type of attention and this can help you to get in touch with your own emotions on many levels. Does not it just feel wonderful to demonstrate a pet how much you love them, and see the heartfelt appreciation in their eyes?

Yes, pets are wonderful for you on a mental, physical and psychological level. Taking this into account, if you do not own a pet yet and you’re eager to live as long as possible, you might want consider getting one real soon.

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